20+ Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Free Streaming Movies Online

Why do we feel the need to stream movies when we can simply download them? Does it save some of our Data? Or does it have any extra benefits of downloading?  One of the sole reasons to stream a movie rather than downloading is to save space and data. Confused? Here is an in-depth explanation. Nowadays most people hate downloading movies or any other content from the internet, the reason is that a file downloaded file takes up a lot of space on your hard drive and uses a bit if extra space. There is also another risk of downloading Malware along with the file. So steaming is better but where to stream good quality movies? Here is a list of some of the free movie streaming sites, take a peek at those.


Free Movie Streaming Sites:


Viewstar is said to be the one of the best Anime movie streaming sites but that doesn’t mean that you can’t stream movies on this site. This site has a huge gallery of movies from where you can stream with ease. Now, talking about the User Interface of the site, which is very clean and you can search for the movies quite easily. The site has also been categorized quite nicely and the best part is that it has quite a lot of other features apart from movies.

This site provides you with news of the latest new about Anime and Anime movies and it also has Blog of its own. There is another feature of this site which lets you save videos on the site itself but for that you need to register on the site. If you want to select the Genre of the movies that you want to watch then you can just click on the Browse tab and select the genre that you want.

Popcorn Flix:

Poprcorn is another streaming site where you can stream movies free of cost. The site has been categorized quite nicely and all you need to do is click on the category of the movie that you want to watch. A search bar has been provided on the top right corner of the page, so just enter the name of the movie that you want to stream and that would be all. If you want you can register on the site as well and this will provide you with additional benefits.

Some of these are receiving regular updates of new uploads etc. If you are a TV show fan then you can stream TV shows here on this site too as this get updated with new episodes. You can also scroll down to check all the popular and recommended movies from all the genres available on this site. And you can stop worrying about the UI of the site, which is quite smooth and free of pop-up ads.


Crackle is a site that has been developed by Sony and with that there is no question about the legitimacy of the site. This site is totally legal and you can stream movies for free on this site. There is just one downside of this site, which is that you need to sign up on this site to watch movies. But there is also an advantage of signing up which is that you will receive regular updates about the new movies that get uploaded regularly.

As you can see in the picture the site has a premium look and the interface is also quite smooth too. If you face any trouble while using the site then you can refer to the FAQ’s that has been provided in another section of the site and you can sort out the problem accordingly. The site also provides you with Anime series that you can stream and watch but you need to be logged in for that.


Surprised? Well, yes! You can stream movies on YouTube too. Just visit the site from the provided link and then punch in the name of the movie that you want to watch and select one from thousands of results and that’s it. YouTube is platform where you can watch movies without registering also but registering here is quite easy too. It’s quite obvious that everyone nowadays has a Gmail account, so you can just register with that.

But before you stream a movie on YouTube make sure to check the quality of the video as some of the Movies on YouTube are not of good quality. The reason behind that is the quality of the videos has been bad while they were being uploaded. But there are some movies for which you need to pay and those really do come in very good quality. YouTube is a treasure trove for movie buffs, you just need to know how to search for the movie.


Well, this website has quite a lot of movies and that too from different genres. Basically you can say that it has thousands of movies and TV shows and this site is basically like Crackle. The video quality of the movies available on this site is quite high too. Vudu is quite a device friendly site and you can stream movies from any device that you want. All that you need is a stable internet connection.

Now, there is one thing that you need to do in order to watch and that is register but there are some movies that you can watch without registering too. Along with movies you can watch TV Shows too on this site. The UI of the site quite simple and it looks very premium too. You can expect a limited amount of Ad on this site but don’t worry there are no pop-up ads on this site.

Tubi TV:

This is the best free movie streaming site in this list that we have come across. Just visit the site from the link and you will have a good idea about what this site has to offer. There is one downside of this site though which is that you need to register here in order to watch movies. On the top left corner of the site you will be able to see three short horizontal lines, click on that and you will be able to see all the categories that are available on this site.

Click on the movie genre that you want to visit and you will get a list of all the movies that are available under that genre. But before that just make sure that you have registered on this site which is free. Registering has quite a few benefits like getting regular movie updates, etc. All movies available here on this site are in HD quality. So, just register and you will have access to huge gallery of movies.


SnagFilms is like an unnoticed gem that most us keep on ignoring. Snagfilsm has quite a lot of great movies and that too you can stream for free. This can be said to be the free alternative of Netflix. The site features no Ads and the movies available on this site have been categorized quite uniquely. Just take a peek at the site and everything will be clearer to you. There are short descriptions of the movies too that you can go through before streaming them.

Apart from movies you would be able to stream TV shows too and these are available in HD quality. If you want to login on to the site then you can do that too and that would get you a few extra benefits. SnagFilms has a pretty simple User interface and you can browse through that quite smoothly and easily. A search option has been provided on the right top corner of the site and you can search for a specific movie quite easily.

Classic Cinema Online:

As the name suggest this site specializes in classic movies. You can find any classic you want on this site and that too in good quality. The site is very neat and has also been categorized quite nicely and neatly. On the right top corner you will be able to find different categories present on this site. Just select the option that you want to visit and then check the option that you want too.


There are TV Shows available on the site too which are available in good quality. We would suggest that you check out this site. Another thing is that you can even share movies on social media from this site.


And that’s it. So these are some of the sites that can let you stream movies for free. If you are worried about the legitimacy of these sites then we can assure you that these sites are very legit and you can just stream movies from these sites with ease. So pick a site and start streaming the movie that you want to watch. We hope that this has helpful to you. For further queries do leave a comment below.

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